Manchester has grown from the first industrial city and the birthplace of the computer, to be the central hub of the “Powerhouse of the North” of England – a thriving, modern, knowledge-based city amongst the top European locations for science, education, business and leisure.

Manchester is firmly established as a leading international conference destination with an impressive track record.
Manchester has recently been announced as European City of Science. In 2016 the city will host the Euroscience Open Forum – the largest general science symposium in Europe as well as other prestigious international meetings such as the Congress of the European Association for Cancer Research, the International Symposium on Medicinal Chemistryt, he Congress of the European Society for Contact Dermatitis and, of course, Brain Skin Colloquium.

Manchester – A perfect destination


Situated centrally in mainland Britain, Manchester has a population of 2.5 million – a city with roots in ancient history which is now wonderfully cosmopolitan with its own unique character.


The city’s cheerful acceptance of newcomers makes each visit to Manchester a unique pleasure. Mancunian friendliness is legendary and an enthusiastic welcome is guaranteed!

Music, leisure, and a unique industrial history

Manchester has a long and proud musical tradition and the spectacular Bridgewater Hall hosts the city’s three orchestras and welcomes musical talent from all over the world.

Thirteen theatres host shows, operas, dance and drama and a wealth of smaller venues offer performances to suit all tastes. Chamber music, folk music, jazz, roots and drum & bass all have their place and even the buskers are worth hearing. 200 screens are available showing films around the city and a wide choice of nightclubs, bars, clubs and pubs includes John Shaw’s Punch House dating from 1720, and the Briton’s Protection, a genuine English public house with a warm and welcoming atmosphere.